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Program Update, April 24, 2022

Hello All:  We’re back! After cancelling the Granite State Track and Field Meets in 2020 – and going to a hybrid/virtual model in 2021 – (local meets in person – state results virtually) we are pleased to announce that we are moving forward with the format we had pre-COVID.  The two District Meets are scheduled for JUNE 18TH AT ROCHESTER (EASTERN MEET) AND CLAREMONT (WESTERN MEET). The State Final is scheduled for FRIDAY JUNE 24TH – at Winnisquam High School. More details will be posted as they are confirmed.

For more information including registration, meet details, rules changes etc. – please click on this link to take you to the Granite State Track and Field website!

Assistance Needed: As you may or may not be aware, since the Granite State Track and Field Program began in 2015, we have had to be fully self-supported. As such we seek out sponsorships every year. Some of our sponsors from the past have been hit hard by COVID and have not been able to continue or continue to the level they had prior to 2020. To create sustainability and to offer the program in 2022 we need sponsor support for this incredibly worthwhile program. PLEASE HELP. We are looking for individuals, businesses, organizations or any other entity that may be able to support us. Click here for the sponsor information packet!   

As such we have also raised the per-participant fee slightly to $6.00/child for the District meet- this helps to offset the cost of the shirts, ribbons, insurance, timing, compiling results etc.

Update on the Tri-State/Northern New England Final - When the Granite State Track and Field program evolved after the end of the Hershey Program our ultimate goal was to work with Maine and Vermont to offer a Northern New England Final. In 2021 we were able to successfully begin that process, by offering it “virtually”. Results from the top finishers in the three states were submitted and tabulated and Tri-State Winners and Runners-Up in all age/gender groups were declared. We had a virtual awards ceremony, complete with an inspirational guest speaker. There was a great turnout for the virtual event.   While to have an in-person, Tri-State/Northern New England Final remains our goal, the logistics remain daunting and we have to coordinate with two other states. The Tri-State Final will not occur as an in-person event this year and we are not certain what our status is on another virtual event, but we continue to work with our colleagues in Maine and Vermont, with that being our goal. In order for this to move forward, we volunteer commitment – if you’re interested, please reach out to GSTF committee.

We look forward to seeing many New Hampshire youth enjoying the incredible Granite State Track and Field experience in 2022!  - For questions, or more information, please contact Committee Chairs: Paul Coats  or Donna Kuethe

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For information on the Granite State Track & Field Program please visit This website will serve as the home for this program and it will be updated regularly as information becomes available. 

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