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Program Update, February 4, 2021

Dear Friends of Granite State Track and Field:

It was so disappointing to not hold our District and State Meets in 2020. When we made the decision to cancel the Granite State Track and Field events for 2020, we truly thought we were doing so with an “over-abundance of caution”. As we did so we vowed to come back stronger and better in 2021! Of course, none of us imagined the depth, extent and length of time we’d be dealing with the pandemic. We have begun to get inquiries from coaches and Park and Recreation providers as to what we anticipate for GSTF for the upcoming year. The Granite State Track and Field Committee, as part of the New Hampshire Recreation and Park Association, has met and is addressing the program for 2021. We feel it’s important to offer an opportunity to stay engaged with our Granite State Track and Field participants and to make sure this valuable program continues through what is hoped to be the waning stages of the pandemic. We are exploring several possibilities. It is safe to say at this point that the large in-person events as we have held prior to 2020 are most likely not going to happen. There are just too many unknowns at this time. However, our goal will be to offer a special experience for the youth athletes. We are in touch with our colleagues in Vermont and Maine to see what they are doing with the track and field programs held through their Parks and Recreation associations and departments. We’ll continue to look at the guidelines offered by the State of NH Reopening Task Force, the NHIAA, and CDC to ensure that whatever we come up with will be both a safe and positive experience for the participants. We will be reaching out to our local Park and Recreation Departments and our GSTF coaches to solicit feedback. We will continue to update the website as we move forward. We simply forward our optimism to come back -in-person - stronger and better than ever to 2022!



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Committee Chairs:



For information on the Granite State Track & Field Program please visit This website will serve as the home for this program and it will be updated regularly as information becomes available. 

General Requirements:
1. Coordinate with NHRPA, LOCO Sports, and local communities.
2. Review any proposed modifications pertinent to the annual meet.
3. Review the program with respect to number of participants. NHRPA membership requirements for all participating agencies and communities; restrictions per community and any modifications of the pre registration procedures to permit the success of this program.
4. Present any proposed changes in the program to the Association as needed.
5. Award and submit FISH points to FISH Committee on active committee member participation within the committee.

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