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Donna Kuethe -

Assigned Executive Board Member: Arene Berry

Members: Dan MacLean, Justin Chaffee, Dan Sturgeon, David Tovey, Sarah Perkins, Dyana Martin, Doug Cole, Alyssa DelTuffo

General Responsibilities as written in BYLAWS:

1. Granite State Track & Field Committee plans and organizes this program for NH towns and cities who are members of NHRPA.

Specific Tasks:

1. Meet as a committee prior to mid-November to put a funding plan together to be presented at a future NHRPA meeting.

2. Review any proposed program modifications pertinent to the annual meet.

3. Review the program with respect to number of participants. NHRPA membership requirements for all participating agencies and communities; restrictions per community and any modifications of the pre-registration procedures to permit the success of this program.

4. Present any proposed changes in the program to the Executive Board and Association as needed.

5. Renew program sponsors annually prior to announcement of program dates to ensure adequate funding for the program.

6. Work with Executive Director to secure certificates of insurance for each meet.

7. Create a timeline for the program and promotion of the program.

8. Create and submit a budget to Executive Director and Treasurer by announced annual deadline.

"NHRPA " is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 172 Pembroke Road, Concord, NH 03301
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