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Many communities in New Hampshire currently have shared use or joint use agreements for facilities including playgrounds, fields, gyms and other areas that may be used by the community.  When done properly a joint use agreement (JUA) can positively impact the community by letting others use the facilities for programs and play. 

According to ChangeLab Solutions a joint use agreement is a formal agreement between two separate government entities – often a school district and a city or county – setting forth the terms and conditions for the shared use of public property or facilities.  If your town, city or school doesn’t currently have a JUA or if you are looking to update your current JUA we hope the information included here will be helpful.

Many of the resources you find below are from Change Lab Solutions.  We recommend visiting their site for more information and resources on shared/joint use.

Joint Use Agreements:  Introductory Information

Joint Use Agreement Checklists

Examples and Models

Example Joint Use Agreements from NH:

  • Town of Lebanon, NH (attached below)

Model Joint Use Agreements from Change Lab Solutions

  1. Opening Outdoor      School Facilities for Use During Non-School Hours 
  2. Opening Indoor      and Outdoor School Facilities for Use During Non-School  
  3. Opening School      Facilities for Use During Non-School Hours & Authorizing Third Parties      to Operate Programs  
  4. Joint Use of      District and City Recreation Facilities

Congregation to Community:  Shared use by North Carolina faith-based organizations

Liability and Insurance

Covering Your Bases:  Basic tips about insurance for nonprofit organizations

Contracts and MOUs:  Understanding key terms

Other Resources

Playing Smart:  A National Joint Use Toolkit

Model Joint Use Resolution

Dig, Eat, and be Healthy

NH PLT Joint_Use_Agreement_Checklist.pdf

Lebanon- Joint_Use_School_Agreement.pdf

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